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JoJo Hairfun UK

Stand: M43

It all began in 2007, when the designer Anna Gifuni realizes the potential of this hair accessory and decides that this would become her job.

As a stylist and a designer she notices that this way to do the hair reminds to the ancient Roman Vestals; but the most remarkable example comes from her grandmother who used to twist her hair on two pieces of cloth with some copper wires, in order to give more support.

JoJo Hairfun is patented and a registered trademark in Europe. This item is entirely produced in Italy and it is made with Lycra and a particular hypoallergenic metallic wire.

It is having great success in Italy and in other countries such as France, Spain, Germany and Latvia!

You can choose among beautiful colours and different patterns; just watch the tutorials and discover all the hairstyles you can create!

Anna Gifuni's mission is to offer a practical and comfortable quality item but most of all,

Join us for our 25th year in 2020 - 19th–22nd November!

We are the MOST FUN, MOST LOVED and MOST FABULOUS Christmas Shopping Fair in the Midlands.