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Stand: J58

Twenty two years ago, in the Spring of 1997, Sunlover began. Inspired by the beautiful handicraft products of Indonesia and fuelled by a desire to help families support themselves Sunlover began importing goods to the UK, with the primary aim of connecting individual artisans in Indonesia directly to western buyers. 

Sunlover is a family run business.  We have travelled the world, seen what it has to offer and changed our lives to fully embrace the wonder it holds.  Over our twenty two years we have been able to develop a network of suppliers and workshops focussed on quality and design. By subtly combining western style, natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, we have created a collection which celebrates the diversity and colourful vitality of the beautiful islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago.

Next event: 18th–21st November 2021

We are the MOST FUN, MOST LOVED and MOST FABULOUS Christmas Shopping Fair in the Midlands.