The Festive Gift Fair

Ho! Ho! Ho! it’s off to shop we go ... let the festivities begin!

Shopping for presents or decorating your home, you won't be stuck for ideas! So much to buy from pocket money presents to beautiful handcrafted gifts...

* personalised Christmas decorations while you wait! * vinyl records * dragon and gothic figurines * hand decorated kids clothing * Marvel kids figures * personalised prints * Harry Potter jewellery * hand sculpted resin statues * coconut flower beer * 4D+ augmented reality flashcards * baking mixes * magic pens * Christmas hoodies * chocolate bouquets * tree hangers * cured meats & salami * pagan heathen witchy gifts * shimmer syrups * Japanese knives * advent calenders * board games * Disney kids figures * earl grey tea liqueur * gaming X-mas decorations * gin school experiences * dog bow ties * LED balloons * Christmas crackers * football rubik's cubes * fantasy gothic gifts * 3D wooden puzzles * tableware * mini figure clocks * mosaic table lamps * Himalayan salt oil burners * chocolate, orange and Baileys steamed puddings *  escape room puzzles * handmade multi strand scarves * upcycled cutlery jewellery * Freddo fudge * children's watches * bowl huggers * light up orbs * handmade ceramic plates * tough nut moonshine * personalised chocolate names and coasters * wish bracelets * tiaras * collectables * Christmas rugs * pebble glass pictures * mystery secret santa bags * TY Beanies * crystal pyramids  * childrens books * animated Christmas characters * solid cologne * interior crystal collectables * magic pens * hand crocheted Christmas items * popfigure toys * family photo shoots * mystery secret Santa bags *  fused glass gifts * sensory toys * and even edible insects!

We set the mood for happy Christmas shopping with live music throughout the day while you browse the huge variety of colourful stalls. Join us with friends and family and enjoy a fun-filled day or simply come along to do your own secret Santa shopping!



EST. - 1995

Festive fun, food and gifts for everyone all wrapped up in one visit...